Take it easy. Don’t try to understand everything at first (that’s impossible), just concentrate on identifying one word now and then, get used to the sounds of the language and with practice you’ll slowly be able to understand the context. Here's a selection of some useful sources where you can listen to Portuguese. Choose your favourite and enjoy!

 NEW LEARN WITH MICHEL THOMAS METHOD - these audios are great to remember words that you already know and to improve your pronunciation.

DISCOVER PORTUGUESE MUSIC - this playlist showcases ​lots of different music genders to help you find your favourite artists.

FADO - a special selection of the most typical Portuguese music.

VIDEOS WITH SUBTITLES - different YouTube videos with Portuguese and/or English subtitles.

 NEW  PODCAST - Mia is from Porto and speaks slowly. Try to listen to the first section called Portuguese Podcast because the last section (Gaspar e o Planeta Azul) is a story about a fish (not so practical, right?)

BOCADINHOS DE CONVERSA - here you can find excerpts of our conversational lessons, when we have one of my Portuguese friends joining our meeting.

DISNEY PLUS - this is an app that you can subscribe to watch many Disney movies with PT audio and subtitles available in several languages.

RTP PLAY - several TV programs some with PT subtitles available. Click on the following options and explore the website for more programs:

Image by Sébastien Beauchamp



Crosswords - Some of the most common verbs and words! By clicking here you can download the game and print it out or play online.

Asterix comic book series for advanced learners - free download here!